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The company was founded in 1976 under the name of Uyarlar Unlimited Co. and started to serve the Oyak-Renault Factories Joint Stock Co., the T?rk Demir D?k?m Joint Stock Co., Turkish Automotive Industry (TOE,) and Chrysler Industry Joint Stock Co., within the same year. The company moved to its own site, which has a closed area of 700 m2, increasing its capacity and place in order to fulfil clients? demands better and continuously. The Uyarlar unlimited company was shutdown because of changing its name and title.  

The Erma Automotive Ind. and Com. Ltd. Co., which was founded in the same year continued to serve mainly the Oyak-Renault Automobile Factories Joint JSC., and Teknik Malzeme JSC, Major Skt JSC., Opsan JSC., ?zel Profil Aka Automotive JSC., producing spare parts in the required quality.

Erma Automotive, doesn?t dwell on how much time was given to a work within its working principle, but what was carried out in this time.

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in the past times